ERIC COATES, Three Elizabeths

Reverend Arthur A. Hall,in 1941, suggested Eric Coates to consider the notion of creating an orchestral suite-based on the generations of the British royal family. The "Three Elizabeths" of the title depict three figures. For Eric Coates, Princess Elizabeth and the "Youth of Britain" gave hope of a new and positive future even as the darkest days of World War II approached. The three movements are: 1. Elizabeth Tudor - Halycon Days 2. Elizabeth of Glamis - Spring in Forfarshire (at 6:40) 3. Princess Elizabeth - The Youth of Britain March (at 13:18)


 VIDEO: Recorded November 15, 1944, in Kingsway Hall, London, on English Decca 78-rpm matrices AR 8859 through AR 8862. Issued in January, 1945, as English Decca K 1109/10 (and in automatic sequence as AK 1109/10). In the USA the records were imported and sold with a US-made album, EDA-8, which is pictured at the beginning of this video. Eric Coates: The Three Elizabeths - Suite (1944) National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Eric Coates